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Membership in the Eureka Springs Community Center provides you with access to the Gym and countless opportunities to engage in recreational and educational events at a reduced fee. A Community Center membership is a great way to support this community resource.

Join or Renew for 12 Months

Each new membership receives a free tee shirt (one per membership) will supply lasts! Drop by when we are open: M-T-W-Th from 3 pm – 8 pm and Sat from 9 am – 3 pm, fill out a simple form, and become a member.

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Its productive early or not at all!

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The 9 am Friday morning Zumba® class is cancelled today. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Want to see the best of yourself? Want to get the life that you want? Join Wendy Hartmann for he...

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You have to live through Thursday to get to TGIF and we have a lot of great ways for you to live!

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Nyx Cafe Restaurant & Bar

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Weve got some wonderful Wednesdays in store for you! And dont forget to come out to Nyx tonight t...

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They say that Tuesdays child is full of grace... Check out whats in store for you on Tuesdays at th...

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Here is a sneak peek at our new Monday course and activity schedule. Start planning the fun! Fro...

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Members get the sweetest deals on yoga! Chair Yoga or Hatha Yoga with Robin Bray are a few of your ...

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Redevelopment Plan for Eureka Springs Community Center

  • IMPROVES quality of life for residents through development of a community center, splash park, and community trails.
  • LAUNCHES a professional opportunity by adding 13,000 Sq. Ft. of Class A office space.
  • CREATES a multi-use green space including an outdoor concert amphitheater, farmers’ markets, and an exhibition space.
  • STIMULATES economic development by adding handicap accessible meeting space for government and private meetings.
  • RESPECTS the environment by developing a strategy for energy-efficient and sustainable facilities.
  • ADDS a community greenhouse, tutoring center and community living room.