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Kathy RemenarGreetings, Alumni!

As time passes, we often spend time in reflection, focusing on our memories of the past and preparing for the events of the future.  While this is personal journey, a community must also tread a parallel path of reflection.  Whether you are a recent graduate or called Eureka Springs High School your home many, many years ago, you cannot help but remember the building site which housed the “best years of your life”.  It’s a bittersweet part of who you are and what you have become.  For many of us, it is essence of stories now being shared with our children and our grandchildren.  “When I was 16….!”  “I remember when we climbed the water tower…”.  “Those teachers had paddles that were 3 feet long and had air holes cut into them…”.  All part of our past; our collective memory.
The Eureka Springs High School facility that most of you called home has remained idle for over three years.  It presents an environmental threat and is most certainly an eyesore at the entrance to our beautiful town.  A group of dedicated and selfless individuals decided to do something about that and formed the Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation.  This 501C3 organization intends to put some of that “Fighting Highlander Spirit” back into our community and to develop a first rate educational, recreational, and economic campus and social hub.  We are so excited about the possibilities, and we hope that you will be too.
I would ask that you consider adding your support to this project by donating here. Be sure to list your class on the donation form. This is a community effort, and we would so appreciate your being part of our future as we our proud of your being part of our past.
Remember, “In your heart, you are a Highlander.”
Kathy Remenar
Eureka Springs High School teacher (37 years)


Are YOU a Highlander alum?

th Be a Class Agent! How does this work? You volunteer to connect with classmates to organize a CLASS GIFT which will be recognized in the Events Center. Imagine “walking the halls” of the Event Center and seeing a plaque “From the Class of 2000” or “Class of 1980.” A proud moment for all!


We have been hard at work reaching out to alums to be the Class Agents for classes with great success. Thank you, Class Agents!


We don’t have Class Agents for all the classes. If one of the years listed below was your Graduation Year, we need YOU to be the Class Agent for you class!


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To become a Class Agent, email us: info@eurekaspringscommunitycenter.org.

You will be sent information about the Community Center project including a note from Mrs. Kathy Remenar and tips on reaching your classmates. And we will send you our Thanks!


Class Gifts of $5,000 and more

Highlander Superstars

With a collective class gift of $5,000 or more, you and your classmates will have a large plaque honoring your class displayed in the Events Center with other Highlander Superstars classes.

Class Gifts of $1,000 to $4,000

Highlander Heroes

With a collective class gift of $1,000 to $4,999, your class will be honored with a plaque in the Events Center with other Highlander Heroes classes.


In Your Heart, You Are a Highlander!