Donors Circle

Because of You, We are Open

Phase One Completed

June 2018



$50,000 – $99,999

Windgate Charitable Foundation



$10,000 – $49,999

Arvest/Walton Family Foundation    |    AT&T    |    Bloom Foundation

Cornerstone Bank    |    Equity Bank    |    Judy Thorpe    |    Cliff and Carol Wright



$5,000 – $9,999

All Seasons Real Estate LCC    |    Century 21 Woodland Real Estate

Crescent Hotel and Spa, Inc.

Louie and Stephanie Crider    |    Dr. Jess D. Green, Jr.

Mark A. Green    |   Al and Carole LaRose

Jim and Susan Nelson

Elise Roenigk    |    Thurman and Flanagin, Attorneys at Law

Dee Van Schoick, Jr.



$1,000 – $4,999

AEP-SWEPCO   |   Woodrow and Jane Acord    |    Dr. Dan and Suzie Bell

Adam Biossat    |    John and Marilee Brodbeck     |    Jed and Tammy Bullock

Phil and Margie Bullock/Best Western Eureka Inn

Carroll County Community Foundation

Glenn and Loretta Crenshaw    |    Kirk and Cynthia Dupps


Jean Elderwind and Doug Stowe    |    Eureka Springs Rotary Club

Ermilio’s Italian Home Cooking

First United Methodist Church-Eureka Springs

First National Bank of North Arkansas    |    First National Title Company

Flint Street Fellowship Board


Gaskin’s Cabin Restaurant

Grace Gladden-Nance    |    Harper and Diane Goodwin

LeRoy and Sally Williams Gorrell    |    Misha Graboi

Jerry and Shelby Gurthet


David and Helen Jeffrey    |    Johnson’s Automotive

Jimmy and Elizabeth Kelley

Karen Kinsel and Cheryl Rutledge   |    Peggy Kjelgaard and Roger Sheppard

Eric and Joyce Knowles    |    Dr. Greg and Julie Kresse

Al Larson Builder, Inc.    |    Jan Laughlin


Local Flavor Cafe    |    Guy McCollum    |    Rick and Kathy McCormick

Main Street Eureka Springs    |    Meadors, Adam & Lee Insurance

Jack and Rachael Moyer    |    Diane Murphy

New Moon Spa, Crescent Hotel

Rogue’s Manor Restaurant    |    James and Nancy Ruppel


Schmieding Foundation, Inc.

Michael and Faith Shah    |    Statton Design Group Inc.

Charles and Sandra Templeton

Thurman & Flanagin, Attorneys at Law    |    Womenmade



Up to  $999

Dennis and Maureen Alexander    |    Doug and Pauline Allen

Jake and Piper Allen    |    Annie An    |    Kenneth and Christan Anderson

Vernon and Debbie Anderson    |    Rick and Sara Armellini

Mark Armstrong and Ilene Powell    |    Jason Ashford    |    Lisa Auchard


John and Rebecca Babbs    |    Joi R. Ball    |    Bart Barry

Basin Park Hotel    |    Bavarian Inn    |    Cliff and Mary Beacham

Dr. Charles Beard    |    Michelle Beard    |    Wes Beaver

Tom and Paula Bemberg    |    Jay Bender and Lynn Eaton

Robert D. “Butch” and Lynn Berry

Cecille Berry    |    Billy Billings    |    Bay and Carolyn Biossat

John and Wanda Black    |    April Blaine    |    Don and Linda Blakeman

Frances Bloch    |    Bombadil’s Cafe    |    Patsy M. Bootenhoff

Janice Boyes    |    Michael and Paula Breid

Lynn and Linda Bridwell    |    Carol Brown

Jan Brown and Blake Clark    |    Tim and Vicki “Stick” Brown

Charles and Sherry Bryan    |    Lily Bullard

Britt and Tammie Bullock    |     Carmen Burden

Dennis and Denise Burger

Owen Bushaw and Amy McClelland    |    Rosemary Bushay

Kent and Mallory Butler    |    Paula Butler

Linda Caldwell    |    Robert Caldwell

Joanna Campbell    |    Bill Carmichael

Melissa Carper    |    Alece Carrigan and Gary Milczarek

Ann E. Carter    |    Catfish Cabin

Charlisa Cato    |    Robin Chappell    |    Suzanne Childers

Bennie  and Linda Clark    |    Bud Clark and Genevieve Bowman

Holly Clark    |    Janie Clark

Jo Ann Clark    |    Nancy Clark    |    Richard Clark    |    Judy Clarke

Kelly Clarke    |    Cecelia and Scottie Cleghorn

Jan and Charles Clements    |    Gerald and Nancy Cochran    |    Marlene Coiner

Rebecca Cooper    |    Jim and Mary Cope    |    Shannon L. M. Courtney

Cash Covington    |    Ken and Laura Covington    |    John and Natalie Cowdrey

Chris and Juanita Crider


DMS Surveying     |    Debbie Davis    |    DeVito’s of Eureka Springs

Carmen Dodge    |    John and Mary Dolce    |    Stuart and Barbara Drizner

Joseph Dropsey and Rik Brendle    |    Jim Dudley and Genie Moffett

Sam Dudley and Katie Zerr    |    John and Judy Dulin    |    Dusty Duling


Don Eiler    |    Fred and Terry Eilskov    |    Nancy Elfter

Jodie English    |    Charles and Janet Epley    |    Heather Epley-Francis

Cara Ercolino    |    Jay and Holly Ertel    |    The Eureka Market

Eureka Springs Farmers Market

Eureka Springs/Carroll County Board of Realtors

Eureka Springs Hospital, LLC

Eureka Springs National Honor Society Chapter


la Familia Tex-Mex    |    Suzanne Fayette    |    Bailey Featherstone

Barrett Featherstone    |    Bill and Connie Featherstone

John Featherstone    |    Christopher Fischer

Jay and Patricia Fitzsimmons

John Flores    |    Forest Hill Restaurant    |    Donna Foster

Jeff and Kay Franco    |    Laurene Franklin    |    Tim Freeman

Carol Friesen    |   Jay and Rosemary Fusaro


Ken Gaillot    |    Gerry Ganong    |    A Garden of Dreams    |    Georgette Garner

Rick and Melissa German    |    Karin Giabbai

R.V. Goodier    |    Tom Gorsuch and Ann Hopkins    |    Stephen Doc Goss

Grand Central Hotel   |    David D. Green

Jason Griffin    |    Nick and Jessi Griffin

Mariellen Griffith    |    The Grotto Restaurant

Karen Gros    |    Pamela Grudek    |    Mike and Susane Gruning

Dorothy Guertin    |    The Guillorys    |    Joe Gunnels Tours


Amanda Haley    |    Karen Halper

Rebecca Halper    |    Stacee Hamblin    |    Charlotte Harper

Marsha Havens    |   Debbie Hayhurst    |    Dan and Marie Hebert

Ron and June Hegedus    |    Greg Hein    |    James and Patricia Helwig

Hidden Valley Guest Ranch    |    Bill Hinson    |    Jim and Joan Hirnisey

Larry and Donna Hodge    |    Lynn and Judy Holden

Holiday Island Association of the Arts    |    Holiday Island Rotary Club

Travis Holloway Construction    |    Todd Hoopes    |    Susan Hopkins

Debra Hostick    |     Bob and Connie Howle

Mary Howze    |    Allen and Paige Huffman


Brenden Johnson    |    Marjorie Johnson    |    Nancy Johnson

Ray and Sara Johnson    |    Scott and Jenny Johnson    |    Troy Johnson

Judy Jones    |    Marquis and Diane Jones    |    James and Donna Jordan



Owen and Kristine Kendrick    |    Donna Kesner    |    Keith Ketchum

Ken Ketelsen    |    Albert Kirk    |     Sam and Megan Kirk

Michelle L. Klimek    |    Suzanne Kline    |    Bruce and Kim Knapp


Jerry Landrum    |    Blake Lasater    |    Lamyaa Laval

Ken Leavell    |    Tom Ledbetter    |    Anna Marie Lee    |    Mavis Lehr

Judith and Ed Leswig    |    Kerry and Denise Lindsey    |    Adrienne Lorimer


Diane McClelland    |    Chris and Barb McClung

Steve and Karen McFadden    |    Rod and Phyllis McGuire

Suzanne McKown    |    Bryan Manire and Jim Frederick

Carrie Marry    |    Mary Lou Martin    |    Terry Martin

Anna Mathews    |    Don Matt    |    Jim and Lorraine May

Richard and Jan Maybury    |    Donovan Meyer    |    Arthur Miller

David Mitchell    |    Lori Mitchell

Theo Lane Moffett    |   Cheryl Moffitt

Judy Montgomery    |    Glenda Moore    |    Greg and Beverly Moore

Robin Mowrey    |    Mountain Bird Coffee

Jordan Moyer    |    Dr. John & Mary Muller


Stewart Nance    |    Ralph H. Nesson    |    Diane Newcomb


John and Eva O’Brien    |    Ron Odom    |    Susan L. Odom

Susan Osborne and Guy McCormick    |    William Ott II    |    June Owen


Dennis and Cathy Pappenfus    |    Sharon Parker    |    Donna Parton

Rebecca Paul    |    Diane Paulsen

Mike and Tiffani Payne    |    Gary and Laura Peter

Linda Peterson    |    Jeff Pettus

Kathleen Pickowitz    |    Alexa Pittenger    |    Phyllis Poe    |    Mark Pofelski

Phyllis Popplewell and Verne Rudebusch    |    Shawn Porter    |    Debbie Pouncey


Red Oak Floor Company    |    Barry and Suzanne Reed

Doug and Ann Reed    |    George and Kathleen Remenar

Lori Rhoads    |    Matt Riker and Shondale Clark

Ken Riley    |    Michael Riley    |    L. Kai and Angela Robert

Kimberly Akin Roberts    |    Rockin’ Pig Saloon

Stephen Rodgers and Chris Patton    |    Linda Rodman

Rick and Cheri Rojek    |    Bob and Vicki Rokeby

Donald and Venita Roller    |    Rowdy Beaver Restaurants

Mary Jo Rozumalski    |    Dan and Marie Runge

Terry and Sara Russell


Dan and Pam Sbisa    |    Scarlett’s Lingerie    |    John and Molly Seeligson

Senior Solutions PLLC    |    Joy Serrano    |    Edwin and Judith Simpson

Shirley Skulman    |    Neil and Mary Smith    |    Tanya Smith

Donald Soderberg and Mariellen Griffith    |    Sparky’s Roadhouse Cafe

Autumn Spencer    |    Lucille Spivey    |    Mary Springer

Sharon Spurlin    |    Robert Standley

Sandy Wythawai Starbird    |    Le Stick Nouveau    |    Susan Storch

Lucy Stowe    |    Paul and Kristy Sutherland    |    Sweet Lifesaver Enterprises

Gene Swepston and Heather Denslow    |    James and Janice Swiggart

Mai and Thai Tao    |    John Tarasuk    |    Julanne Tatman

Jason and Allison Tennant    |    Kathleen Terrill and Vito Sawtell

Dale and Lisa Thomas    |     R. Thomas

Tommye and Gary Thompson    |    Tammy Thurow

Donna Titterington    |    Dannelle Tomarchio

Jon Toombs    |    Treehouse Cottages    |    Latigo Treuer

I.K. Trickel    |    John Trube and Robin Morris


John and Julie Van Woy    |    Landon and Fatima VanZant    |    Joanne Vrecenak

Joel and Caringtan Walker    |    Lauren Wallace     |    Amy Ward

Wendy Ware    |    Neal and Carol Watts

Steve and Diane Weems    |    Michael Weiland

Brian Weinmann and Robin Milam    |    Keith Weitzman

Chuck and Karen Welch    |    Lin Wellford

White Street Saturday Market    |    Charles Whiting

Kate Wicker    |    Regina Widger    |    Robbi Wilkinson

Carolyn Williams    |    Kenneth and Sharon Williams

Robbi Wilkinson    |    Tom and Nicole Winters    |    Carl and Janet Woehl

Jacqueline Wolven    |    Brian and Katie Wood

Donna Woods    |    Heath Worley


Rodney Yarbrough    |    Zarks Gallery

K.J. Zumwalt and Sarah Niazi    |    Tommie Zwernemann



Thank You For Your Support and Expertise

Rick Armellini, Raven Designs

Ben E. Keith, Brian Weinmann

Brashears Furniture

Carroll County Solid Waste

Ed Levy, Chis East and the team from Cromwell Architects Engineers

Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce

Eureka Springs School District

Featherstone Construction

Great Passion Play and Team Effort

Hart’s Family Center

Inn of the Ozarks

Intrigue Theater

Eric and Joyce Knowles – WinterFest

Kraftsman Building Services

Krewe du Kork

Little Apple

Memo’s Painting

NWA Mold Inspector

Native Plant Garden Project

Old Town Electric

Mark Peterson, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Services, Breakthrough Solutions Program

Richard Quick Photography

Rockin W Excavation

Statton Design Group, Inc.

Summit A/V and Networking

Superior Carpets and Flooring

The Tapia Family

Wade Williams, Attorney at Law

Walker Plumbing

Wicker Walker Printing

Windle and Associates

Jacqueline Wolven

Z-Crew Zumba

Thank you, Highlanders. Special Thanks to the Following Classes:

Class of 1985

Class of 1988

Class of 1991

Class of 1995

Class of 1999

Class of 2002

Class of 2003

Class of 2004

Class of 2007

Class of 2008

Class of 2009