Office Park Rentals

Lower Studio View

The Office Park will be developed into high profile, Class A office space at the Gateway to the Eureka Springs Historic District.  It is fair to say that nearly every visitor to Eureka Springs will pass the Office Park at least once during a visit to Eureka Springs.

The Office Park will be made available to lease soon after funding is secured and renovation begins.

Highlander Suite – 3700 Sq Ft

highlander office park layout w numbers

Suite 1900 Sq Ft
Suite 2900 Sq Ft
Suite 3900 Sq Ft
Suite 4900 Sq Ft
Suite 5900 Sq Ft
Suite 6900 Sq Ft
Suite 7900 Sq Ft
Highlander Suite3700 Sq Ft
Lower Studio – Suite 91800 Sq Ft