The Event Space

With Eureka Springs known for its vibrant Farmers’ Market, plentiful outdoor craft shows, and unique car shows, the outdoor Event Space will serve as the perfect location to gather and enjoy each others’ company for a host of activities targeted for visitors and residents alike.



The Event Space will have an Events Stage for concerts, weddings, outdoor announcements, and gatherings.  Existing event spaces can easily overflow to the Eureka Springs Community Center and the city can add another unique venue for outdoor exhibition and tented events.

In the warm months, the outdoor space will transition to a tourist attraction with a community Splash Park and Aquatic Center managed by the Community Center staff. The outdoor Event Space will serve as the primary Trail Hub for an ever-expanding Eureka Springs Trails System all year long.

Unique to the Event Space is its creative design.  Created as a tribute to the old high school, the Eureka Springs Community Center Foundation Board will save a section of the old high school and the layout brick pavers along the former halls.  One could easily envision alumni returning to “walk the halls” while feeling the pride of how the community of Eureka Springs transformed the site into what is now the Eureka Springs Community Center.

Market Place