Founding Members

Founding Members


Thank you Founding Members!  Your donations have purchased new equipment, paid for repairs, and have helped us expand classes and activities at the Community Center.

We hope you enjoy owning your glass block recovered from the demolition of the original Eureka Springs High School building, built in 1951. It is a remembrance of the great years Eureka teens spent there over the decades.

You are the BEST!


Community Center 2018 Founding Members

Doug and Pauline Allen
Dawn Anderson
Rick and Sara Armellini
Goley and Mary Atkinson and Renita Harvey
John and Rebecca Babbs
Cliff Bailey and Chris Ritthaler
Charles and Beverly Beard
Gregory Beard
Sheila  Becker
Dan and Suzie Bell
Robert “Butch” D. and Lynn Berry
Adam  Biossat
Bay and Carolyn Biossat
Michael and Jennifer Boardman
Marlene Bootenhoff
Kyle Box
Michael and Paula Breid
Jodie English Brown
Tim and Vicki Brown
Robert Caldwell
Ryan Chyrchel
Katherine Cieciwa
Bennie and Linda Clark
Ken and Laura Covington
Glenn and Loretta Crenshaw
Dave and Pam Davenport
Dustin and Ryan Davis
Kenneth and Debbie Davis
Barbara Dicks
Jim Dudley and Genie Moffett
Ron Dugger
Shana (Chyrchel) Dumo
Jay and Holly Ertel
Bailey Featherstone
Barrett Featherstone
Bill and Connie Featherstone
John Featherstone
Rick and Iris Feutz
Sidney Forrester and Melodye Purdy
Virgil   Fowler
Heather Francis
Tim Freeman
Carol L. Friesen
Michelle Gann
Georgette J. Garner
Steven and Rhonda Gassaway
Barbara Gavron
Karin Giabbai and Pat Keller
LeRoy and Sally Gorrell
Darla and Vivian Gray-Winter
Dr. Jess Green
Frank Green, Jr.
Mike and Susane Gruning
Jillian Guthrie
Lawrence and Cathy Handley
Gregory Hein and Brian Watson
Jerry Hembd and Brita Rekve
Joe Hill
William Hinson
Larry and Donna Hodge
D.L. Hostick
Pamela Hudson
Eureka Springs High School Interact Club 2018-2019-Adam Louderback
Rigdon Irvin and Hilka West-Irvin
Keith Ketchum
Karen Kinsel and Cheryl Rutledge
Albert and Skaye Kirk
Sam and Megan Kirk
Eric and Joyce Knowles
Lyle Krumme
Michael Ladwig
Al and Lynn Larson
Blake   Lasater and Marilou Shreve
Jan Laughlin and Kathy Piotruszewicz
Ken Leavell
Robert and Adrienne Lorimer
Margot Mayer
Rick and Kathy McCormick
Karen Rockett McFadden
Chuck and Ramona McNeal
Terry and Patsy Miller
Rod Minner
Jack and Rachael Moyer
Diane Murphy
Ralph H. Nesson
William E. Ott
Dan and Karen Overgaard
Robert  Packham and Linda McNance-Packham
Sharon Parker
Michael Payne
Tiffani (Chyrchel) Payne
Alexa Pittenger
Peggy Pot
Doug Powell
Bryan and Eileen Pruitt
Barry and Suzanne Reed
George and Kathleen Remenar
Elise Roenigk
Jessica Ross
Verne Rudebusch and Phyllis Popplewell
Terry and Sara Russell
Carol Ryan
Mark Vito Sawtell and Kathleen Terrill
Steve and Mickey Schneider
Joy Serrano and Todd Hoopes
Roger Sheppherd and Peggy Kjelgaard
Glen Sims
Steven and Nora Skattebo
Rod and Jill Slane
Scott and Tanya Smith
Don Soderberg
Mary Springer
Sharon Spurlin
Jom and Judy Statton
Doug Stowe and Jean Elderwind
Christian and Wendi Super
Charles and Sandra Templeton
Jan Toms
Debra Torgerson
John Trube and Robin Morris
Jan and Sandra Turley
Kent Turner and Shane Gasser
John Two-Hawks and Peggy Hill
Ralph “Dub” and Bridget Viersen
Catherine Wicker and Susan Walker
Brian D. Wienmann and Robin Milam
Rusty Windle
Marcia Yearsley